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Dermatologists of Distinction

Walter Ungar, MD
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dermatoligists of Distinction

Naomi Lawrence, MD
Marlton, NJ

Dermatologists of Distinction

Oliverio Welsh, MD
Monterey – Mexico

Dermatologists of Distinction

Eckardt Haneke, MD
Freiberg, Germany

Dermatologists of Distinction

William Coleman Jr, MD
New Orleans, LA

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Membership in the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology is open to physicians with an interest in cosmetic dermatology and to members of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry who share similar goals.
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Cosmetic Dermatology 101

The purpose of our academy has proven to be innovative and unrivaled, bringing together dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons with members of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

When Bad Things Happen to Skin

Many times, patients subject their skin to treatments, preventative measures, or exposures to the elements that do not work out for their intended purposes. Click here for the latest information.

Medical-Legal Aspects

Investigate malpractice coverage before buying a Laser. Legal considerations in application of topical lidocaine. The physician as a public health officer and other topics.


Cosmetic dermatology represents that aspect of diagnosing, treating, and preventing the changes to the skin that are aesthetically not pleasing to the patient.

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