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Lesion is a word used to refer to any variation of normal skin.  It is derived from the Latin laedere – to injure.  Common lesions include warts, moles, and cysts.  The word should not convey that the finding is benign or malignant.

Lesions can be divided into:
  • Primary
    • Abscess
    • Bulla
    • Comedo
    • Cyst
    • Hive
    • Macule
    • Papule
    • Pustule
    • Vesicle
  • Secondary
    • Atrophy
    • Crust
    • Erosion
    • Lichenification
    • Oozing
    • Patch
    • Plaque
    • Scale
    • Ulceration
    • Weepi

Lawrence Charles Parish, MD, MD (Hon)
Philadelphia, PA, USA

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